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2004-04-26 - 6:25 p.m.

i've moved.

can i get a woo hoo?

(woo hoo.)


- marie

buy: t-shirt [anyone wanna buy me this? anyone?]
read: girl with a pearl earring [pretty good, pretty good]
listen: damien rice - "o" [scrumptious]
exit: ugly green chair [fabulous]
edumacational: top editors dot com

ME: [10.6.88] [urban outfitters] [blueberry muffins] [gilmore girls: tv] [will & grace: tv] [i don't like the way bugs crawl] [if i were ever to become an animal in my next life, i would either be a monkey or a squirrel] [the greatest feeling in the world is when you’re at the peak of a rollercoaster and you have that queasy feeling in your stomach] [5'3-ish] [juliette binoche is amazing] [my hair hates being curled] [i have no idea what i want to be when i grow up, and i have no desire to be something normal]

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